We help develop behaviour management skills by encouraging Educators to look at themselves first; and use this self-discovery to promote positive relationships with children – ensuring the learners are ‘ready to learn’.

Using Insights Discovery, a highly regarded Personality Profiling tool registered with the British Psychological Society, we encourage positive team relationships within the potentially stressful school environment.  We facilitate the development of support networks & cohesion; we help develop leaders who have self-awareness & are skilled communicators who recognise the need to adapt to the needs of others.

We support NQT’s; giving confidence & insight into the impact of their personality on effective teaching style.

Through individual coaching or team workshops we enhance the education system by supporting and developing our valuable teaching resources – the people!

"Gail has an unwavering passion to create and nurture personal & professional growth..." Robert Maxfield, Year 6 Teacher, St Francis Primary School


Schools can be stressful environments.  Workload is on the increase.  The needs of the students & their mental well-being has become a priority issue.  But what are we doing to support our teaching staff?

Having worked within the education environment, Rainbow Education group Ltd are passionate about supporting the Well-being of educators & giving them a toolkit to assist them deal with stress & become Calmer.  

Drawing upon Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques, alongside true stories and Mindfulness; we aim to improve Well-being & Resilience for all.

All courses are bespoke to your needs - from managing individual stress (Calm) to managing the stress of others (Calmer).  In addition we offer an organisational approach to improving well-being and ensuring compliance with health & safety regulations (Creating Calm).

"Gail was very professional and could answer all my questions.  She created a relaxed atmosphere where I could speak openly about my feelings & not be judged."


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