Emotional Intelligence...

We keep posting about emotional intelligence - but what exactly is it? 

We can define it as the ability to recognise, understand & manage our own emotions and recognise, understand & influence the emotions of others.  In practical terms, this means being aware that emotions can drive our behaviour and impact people (positively and negatively), and learning how to manage those emotions – both our own and others – especially when we are under pressure.

Alongside the emphasis on emotion is the knowledge that to be emotionally intelligent we need to have: self-awareness, emotional control, self-motivation, empathy and relationship skills. It is a gateway to better learning, friendships, academic success and employment. 

We, at Rainbow Education Group, passionately believe that the starting point to developing Emotional Intelligence is self-awareness.  We facilitate this through the use of Insights Discovery profiling - enabling individuals to understand themselves better & then encouraging them to appreciate and celebrate the strengths others have.  

The most exciting bit of all this? Not only do we support adults on their learning journey BUT we are able to offer this self-awareness to the next generation - developing our Young Adults & giving them the insight to realise that success is NOT all about academic intelligence - in fact success is dependant on understanding themselves & others.

To find out more please contact us - everything we do is driven by the passion to facilitate self-discovery.


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Being busy and keeping well...

Its been a while since we wrote - its because we've been busy busy busy and loving every minute.

We've been introducing the power of self-discovery & gaining Insight to small businesses and schools, highlighting the need for emotional intelligence in order to achieve personal success.

In addition, we have travelled to Finland to research the education system there and uncover the lessons we, in the UK, can learn - we will publish our findings shortly.

And in the midst of all this we have been working hard to ensure our own well-being is addressed by continually applying our own strategies - to talk to others, to accept what we cannot change and to change what we can for the better.

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Mental Health Awareness Week...

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It’s a massive week for focusing on the negative impact stress can have on our well-being. I was delighted to be asked by the Mental Health Foundation to be a Spokesperson & appear on Channel 5 News last night. The more we talk about Stress, and recognise that it needs addressing, the closer we will get to eradicating it’s debilitating impacts. Rainbow Education Group are committed to helping people become calmer and more resilient to life challenges through facilitating self-discovery. Please get in touch to discuss how we can help you - whether you are an individual, a school or a business.

Watch now on 5News Twitter

Teenagers need support...

I just came across another article highlighting the mental health difficulties teenagers are facing.  This article focus' attention on girls.  The dominance of social media and the widespread access to the internet on mobile phones represents a "major change in the lives of young people", says the study, it also states that 'teenagers from better-off families are more likely to suffer from "psychological distress" than those from poorer families'. We are running more Calm for Teenagers workshops in May in Farnborough.  Please get in touch if you need support to improve well-being & develop resilience.

Read here

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It's been a busy few days...

Wow! its been a busy few days attending conferences & delivering Calm training.  My highlights were the opportunity to talk to a Director of Strategy from the Department of Education about the impact of well-being on teacher retention; he has asked me to send the findings of my research in Finland at the end of May!  Another highlight was being sent a rainbow photograph by a complete stranger - the brand is getting recognition & engagement.  I received delightful feedback from an 13 year old boy about the programme too... it wasn't as bad as he though it would be; he actually enjoyed it - ha ha - praise indeed from a teenage boy!  Finally last night a rainbow appeared over my house - now that it a great omen for the success of the business.

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Practising what I preach...

Today I nearly got sucked into negativity - so I applied 5:2

1. I got the result I wanted  2. My daughter had a great day at school 3. I had lunch with a great friend 4. I helped & supported a new friend 5. I had a positive impact on a Young Adult's future

1. I was frustrated by inflexibility & bureaucracy  2. An hour of my life was wasted by others

Celebrate five positives, acknowledge two negatives - then move on.