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founder - GaIL Lynott

Gail has been working within HR & Education for 22 years and is passionate about developing the self-awareness & Emotional Intelligence of young people in order to enhance their future employability. During her time as a Learning & Development Consultant with Orange, she was instrumental in developing a mentoring programme with a local secondary school; enabling disadvantaged young adults to experience a fast-paced, corporate workplace.

In addition, Gail utilised Insights Discovery to develop individuals & teams across the business, and is currently championing the use of this remarkable tool to enhance the self-perception, confidence & communication skills of teenagers. Gail is also committed to using Insights to provide bespoke CPD to teaching staff, from Senior Leadership to Teaching Assistants; encouraging effective teamwork & enhanced relationships with children.

Whilst Insights Discovery is predominately used with adults in a professional or corporate setting, Gail is passionate about giving Young People insight. Her own experience of the tool as a delegate in her early twenties was a light-bulb moment; so much so that she vowed if she ever won the lottery she would set up a charity & roll-out the experience to teenagers.

Twenty years on, she has not won the lottery, but has found a way to achieve her ambition - using Insights Discovery with Young Adults & Teaching staff, whilst maintaining a hands-on role in the education system to ensure she is current and relevant.


During her career at Orange, Gail was an advocate for Wellbeing & Resilience Training; drawing upon Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques & her extensive experience of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Her Stress management programmes focus upon managing individual stress (Calm), managing others stress’ (Calmer) & Organisational Stress Management (Creating Calm).

As a Supply Teacher, Gail works directly with children & teaching staff on a regular basis.

Gail has a BA (Hons) in Applied Human Communication & an NVQ (level 3) in Training & Development.  She is also a member of ACAMH (Association of Child & Adolescent Mental Health).

Gail is a campaigner for positive mental health and a supporter of the Mental Health Foundation.

Gail is a dedicated mother to two young teenage girls & a dog called Topsy.