"Unwavering passion to create and nurture personal & professional growth..."

Being a relative novice to teaching, I was thrust into the demands and rigours of Year 6 SATS. Throughout the year, I have been lucky to have the support of Gail and Rainbow Education Group. Gail's wealth of educational knowledge has helped guide and shape my practice to the immense benefit of my students. This, coupled with her unwavering passion to create and nurture personal and professional growth, has given me immense confidence moving forward. 

Rob maxfield, st francis catholic primary school


"Gail flies the flag for improving mental health & increasing well-being and facilitates the achievement of this."

I began working with Gail during a period of personal & professional change.  She provided me with a toolkit of practical techniques and an unwavering supply of emotional support.  She dedicated generous amounts of time to guiding me; it was like being supported by a wise best friend!  Gail flies the flag for improving mental health & increasing well-being and facilitates the achievement of this.  I would not hesitate to recommend Rainbow Education Group.



"Gail was very professional and could answer all my questions.  She created a relaxed atmosphere where I could speak openly about my feelings & not be judged."

mICHaela, Teaching Assistant, Furze Platt Junior School


"Gail is a total superstar. I have clarity for the first time in a long time and completely appreciate her openness and honesty with me...she has been brilliant within one phone call".

Debs Bamford, Communication Facilitator, Confidence Camp


" The Insights profile was like having 'another' person telling me my strengths: I was given the opportunity to talk about myself without sounding like I was showing off .  This has given me so much confidence & the motivation to apply for jobs knowing I can talk eloquently about who I am and what I can offer employers."



Gail & Jo gave me lots of valuable ideas on how to manage my worries; both those related to school & personal concerns.  I wasn't really looking forward to the day (my dad made me go!) - but it was a lot better than I expected and I appreciated the opportunity to talk & be listened too."



"Having a child recently diagnosed with ASD, the course guided me on how to keep calm, get results and still have 'me' time."

Julliett Arnold           Personal Assistant & Carer