We have personal experience of the negative impact of stress and its debilitating consequences. Whilst we are not professional psychologists or counsellors, we are ‘Experts by Experience’ and use our insights to guide you to achieving Calm.

Drawing upon Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques, alongside true stories and Mindfulness; we aim to improve Well-being & Resilience for all.

All courses are bespoke to your needs - from managing individual stress (Calm) to managing the stress of others (Calmer).  In addition we offer an organisational approach to improving well-being and ensuring compliance with health & safety regulations (Creating Calm) - contact us for an overview of the basic course content.

"Gail flies the flag for improving mental health & increasing well-being and facilitates the achievement of this."

Mark Daglish         Health, Safety & Well-being Manager       Wilson James

"Having a child recently diagnosed with ASD, the course guided me on how to keep calm, get results and still have 'me' time."

Julliett Arnold           Personal Assistant & Carer