Entering the world of adulthood is daunting; are you ready to ‘sell’ your attributes? Do you know your strengths? Can you speak the same language of potential employers?

We can ensure you have a powerful voice amongst the competition for University places, apprenticeships and employment.  We use a robust Corporate Personality Profiling tool that has been adapted to suit the needs of young people aged 14-18.  Being able to discuss your strengths, self-awareness & adaptability on your CV, job application or at interview gives you the 'extra' employers are looking for.  

" The Insights profile was like having 'another' person telling me my strengths: I was given the opportunity to talk about myself without sounding like I was showing off .  This has given me so much confidence & the motivation to apply for jobs knowing I can talk eloquently about who I am and what I can offer employers."

Year 12 Student, Ascot

Well-being & Resilience to Stress

We offer Teenage specific Well-being & Resilience workshops that have been carefully researched to engage young men & women and allow them to explore the issues specific to them.

"Gail & Jo gave me lots of valuable ideas on how to manage my worries; both those related to school & personal concerns.  I wasn't really looking forward to the day (my dad made me go!) - but it was a lot better than I expected and I appreciated the opportunity to talk & be listened too."

Stockport School Boy, Year 9

Contact us directly for 1-2-1 coaching or ask your tutor/head teacher to get in touch regarding our school workshops.